Dr. Gordon Gertz, Doctor of Chiropractic and Clinic Director

While studying Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, Dr. Gordon Gertz had the opportunity to work as an assistant to a chiropractor. It was during this time that he was introduced to chiropractic care and it’s effective, drug-free approach to alleviating pain and restoring the body’s normal joint function and nervous system. After witnessing first-hand the powerful and positive effects of chiropractic care, Dr. Gordon Gertz chose it as his profession.

He states, “Chiropractic care is complimentary to health and it is essential for people with busy and active lifestyles. It is a natural enhancement to the quality of life, the prevention of disease, and the first option for people in pain. It enhances the body’s own ability to heal itself naturally without drugs or surgery.”

Dr. Gertz has been in practice serving the Yaletown community for the past 25 years. During this time he has provided care for NHL and NBA players, visiting Ballet and Musical Performance tours, professional body-builders and on-set care for numerous actors in feature films. “When dealing with such elite athletes as a ballet performer, where such minute changes can have such a great impact on their performance, it is essential to have a very detailed understanding of their body and a variety of techniques to use in order to aid in their performance and provide efficient results.”

Dr. Gertz uses a wide variety of techniques from chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, and lifestyle management, to biomechanical assessments, physical therapy and core strengthening regimes.

“We use various techniques based on the patient’s condition, unique requirements, and their preferences. We want to make sure that every recommendation is the most appropriate and specific to every patient, comfortable and most importantly produce results.”