Read what our clients have to say

"I have had constant pain when walking off and on for many years, due to a Sciatic Nerve. This has affected my hips down to my ankles, and also both knees. I tried Chiropractic because nothing else seemed to work. I am very happy with the results. This is the first time I have walked pain free in a long time."
"I suffered from Sciatica, low back pain, disc degeneration. Along with regular treatments, the doctor made many good suggestions including yoga and exercise. I have had both immediate and long-term results, and I plan to continue care."
"I saw my chiropractor (Dr. Gertz) throughout my pregnancy….I will always recommend trying drug-free methods first. Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture…. I have had great results… Just look at the nerve structure in our bodies. Being out of alignment affects so much more than just that area, it affects everything below it!"
"Since my son was born he has had colic, after Dr.Gertz started working on him he is much better and I really enjoy him. The first time there wasn’t any difference, then the second time he slept from 2pm-9pm and from 11pm-5am in the morning. Gosh I will never forget that night – Dr. Gordon, you are our SUPERHERO!!"
"I suffered from constant fatigue and low energy, with pain in my spine and shoulders for over six years. With my chiropractic treatments I have had steady improvement over the last year with minimal back pain. My experience has been excellent, no regrets. I would recommend that people who are new to Chiropractic go in for initial consultation; awareness is everything"
"My only concern was how the adjustments would be done due to my growing belly. These concerns were addressed and position was altered to accommodate belly. My body usually tells me when it is time for an adjustment. It eases neck tension allowing me to be more comfortable in my role as a new mom."
"The office is very friendly and welcoming, with flexible and accommodating hours. Dr. Gertz clearly had experience treating pregnant women and modified the adjustments for the different stages of my pregnancy. I never felt rushed. Dr. Gertz took the time to explain the treatment to me, ask questions and listen. I’m now a big believer in chiropractic care! I would highly recommend it to pregnant women experiencing any sciatic or back discomfort."

With a plan in place to fulfill your health goals, future treatment and maintenance visits will take just minutes.