Diet and Nutrition

At our clinic, we recognize that your internal environment is as important as your external physical health.

As we tend to many of your external injuries, or we are in the process of the rehabilitation of a problem, proper attention must also be placed on a healthy lifestyle. This means reviewing not only what you do to your body throughout the day but also what you put in it! This only makes sense and can greatly enhance the effectiveness of treatment we provide. We will review your diet and nutrition and make the appropriate recommendations to optimize your health, not only during your rehabilitation but also establish healthy lifestyle habits you can continue onward.

Optimizing your internal health can also include specific dietary changes and the proper recommendation of supplements during different phases of your healing in order to help reduce inflammation naturally and healthily without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or surgery, and make sure your body has the appropriate building blocks as it heals. All of our recommendations are based on solid research. We are always researching the most effective supplements and our office carries a complete supply of all recommended products, not just for convenience but to ensure optimal quality and ‘doctor’s grade’ strength.

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