Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a conservative and natural form of health care that concentrates not only on helping people with their immediate concerns, but also keeping people well.  Doctors of chiropractic attempt to get to the cause of a health problem, rather than just treat the symptoms.

How does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractic works because you are a self-healing, self-regulating organism controlled by your nervous system. Millions of instructions flow from your brain, down the spinal cord and out to every organ and tissue. Signals sent back to the brain confirm if your body is working right. Improper motion or position of the moving bones of the spine called a subluxation can interfere with this vital exchange by irritating nerves and compromising the function of affected organs and tissues. Specific spinal adjustment can help improve mind/body communications. Health often returns with improved nervous system control of the body.

Is a Chiropractor a “Real” Doctor?

Yes, to receive the Doctor of Chiropractic degree, candidates must complete extensive undergraduate prerequisites and four years of graduate-level instruction and internship at an accredited chiropractic institution. A doctor of chiropractic receives education on par with medical doctors or dentists. Before they can practice doctors of chiropractic must pass the National Boards, as well as the licensing exam for the province in which they wish to practice. The provinces require the doctors to attend continuing educational programs for annual relicensure.

How is Chiropractic different from any other kind of health care?

Chiropractic works with your body’s internal electricity – the nervous system. Health is a way of life. You were designed to be healthy. Your body really wants to be healthy. So why fight it?

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? So what makes this way of thinking so different?

Day and night, television and advertisers tell us we can rub, inject or swallow our way to good health. We’ve learned to believe that the answer to all of our health problems is in a little bottle of pills. The truth is that the potential for good health is already within each one of us. Chiropractic releases that hidden potential without the use of drugs.

Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Most patients notice significant improvement when starting care. However, in a small percentage of patients, they may notice a little discomfort as their spine is adapting to the changes being made. One of the main reasons for the consultation and examination is to clearly define the cause of your health conditions. If you have misaligned vertebrae, then chiropractic can help. If that’s not what you have, we will suggest a different mode of therapy or a referral to another health care professional. Our concern is that you get the proper care so your health will improve.

Does it Work?

Yes! -Every year, more and more people, of all ages are turning to chiropractors to improve their health and performance, not just injured workers or athletes. Chiropractic is the fastest growing and the second largest primary care profession. Chiropractic services are in high demand as we look for better ways to be healthy, other than relying on surgery or drugs.

Could my pain be a helpful sign?

Yes! Those pains you’ve been hiding with pills, injections and creams are really trying to tell you something. Pain is not the problem. Pain is your body’s alarm system. It alerts you when something is interfering with your health. By ignoring the cause of the pain, you could be inviting severe consequences. Possible long term effects include spinal joint degeneration, nerve damage or organ problems that may not become evident for a long time.

Will I have to have X-rays?

X-rays and other types of images can be helpful. Pictures of your spine, especially after trauma, can confirm our other findings and make your care more precise. We can tell if we need them after completing our other examinations. We only take x-rays that are clinically necessary.

How long until I feel better?

Every patient recovers at their own pace. Factors which can affect the healing process include your age, your overall health condition, your fitness levels, muscle tone, diet, your lifestyle, stress factors and even your attitude. Other factors include physical, chemical and mental stresses you have now and have had in the past.

When will I get my first treatment?

If yours is a chiropractic case, and we accept you as a patient, your first treatment will take place after we review your evaluation.

Do I Have to Go Forever?

After your initial examination, a program of care is established. Based on your spinal problems we will put you on a program to stabilize your spine. This is similar to putting braces on crooked teeth. After this time, most patients choose to maintain a check-up program to keep their spine healthy, free from pain and to prevent a relapse. Most patients think of this as wellness or preventative care similar to dental check-ups. Of course, how much care you chose to receive is always up to you.

Isn’t Chiropractic Care Expensive?

Chiropractic care is included in many private extended health insurance policies, ICBC coverage for motor vehicle accidents, and Workers Compensation injury benefits. We can also create an individualized payment plan based on your financial situation. What is expensive is the lost time, opportunities, and missed work if you don’t take good care of yourself!

I Thought Chiropractors Were Just ”Back” Doctors . . .

It is unfortunate that the majority of the population believes that the only thing that chiropractors are good at is treating sore backs. Chiropractic has been shown to be extremely effective in helping people with sore backs, but that is a fraction of what it is we actually do. The avenue of approach that we take to effect a change on your body is via your spine. MD’s prescribe medication that is usually taken orally, but we don’t call them “mouth” doctors. A doctor of chiropractic is actually a “nerve” doctor. The nervous system controls every tissue, gland and organ in your body. By allowing this system to function at it’s optimum, patients enjoy better overall health and well being. We have helped hundreds of patients with conditions such as: asthma, allergies, ear infections, bladder infections, PMS, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, chronic pain, sinus infections, childhood scoliosis and many others.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Yes! Chiropractic care is safer than the alternatives of taking drugs or having surgery. In fact, a recent research review study found that spinal adjustments are even safer than taking aspirin. Chiropractors are also well-trained to diagnose conditions that do require medical care. They regularly refer to other health care professionals as needed.