2024 Welcome to our Blog!

2024 Welcome to our Blog!

In our ongoing attempts to keep up with technology we have added various social media. This will help to keep you informed about our health services and the latest events at the our clinic, excited about your health choices, and updated on health matters relevent to you.

On our Facebook Page we will post links to pertinent articles and news clips important to making good decisions about your health, entertaining videos that will inspire us towards wellness, and educated opinions on various current health events. By “liking” us on Facebook, you will stay updated and be alerted to the latest information! So please click on the Facebook Tab on the right column of this blog and please tell your friends!

Many of you are receiving our regular email newsletters which contains some of our available massage therapy appointments for the coming week by our fantastic Registered Massage Therapists. However, these appointments times can change quickly and at times, others can come available. We all live busy lives and it can be challenging to know our exact schedules. If you sign up for our LAST MINUTE MASSAGE CLUB by sending a request to our front office, we can TEXT you when your preferred times come available so you can decide if you want that particular appointment!

Lastly, our WEBSITE has been updated and we have a new look! This is our main resource for education as we have detailed information on the services offered at our clinic, treatment options and the various tests and techniques available to you. You can also book an appointment online!

As always, please feel welcome to contact us with any questions or information or topics that you would like to discuss. It is our passion to keep you informed on the latest health trends and choices available to you! Foremost, we want you to live a healthy passionate life!

~ Dr. Gertz, Pacific Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

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